(High-Decorative) This absolutely darling representative of the cherished Tehran city weaving style would be a magnificent showpiece either on the floor or wall. Dextrously woven with a painter's use of exquisite color each blossom, leaf, and bough exhibits a distinctive jewel-like clarity and mastery of chiaroscuro bringing each element of this garden wonderland to life. Two regal peacocks guard the prized vivid cerulean vase from which a bouquet of roses springs forth. Drawn with animated expressive nuance, other delightful avian forms emerge from the sinuous trees and lush foliage of the surround, and inhabit the faceted lozenges of the rich carmine border. Emotive colors such as persimmon, deep rose, and seldom-seen seafoam green are used with gleeful abandon. In remarkable heavy pile condition, this resplendent area size gem has an incredibly luxurious weave and luminous wool surface that enable this virtuoso expression.