(Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") An entrancing all-over pattern fills the field of this unusually long area size rug from the Veramin weaving center that included subtribes from major groups such as the Afshar, Kurdish, and Shahsevan. , As these rugmakers of this area were exceedingly adept at memorizing complex templates, the use of intricate repetitive patterning gave them the means to create extremely detailed rugs such as this without using a preexisting cartoon. Based on a repeated keyhole design that is expertly integrated here, stylized fronds and mid-sized to tiny nuanced blossoms create a rainbow-colored latticework. Vivid, naturally dyed jewel tones, including prized imperial jade and sapphire blue, add splendor to the wonderfully hand-drawn, spirited piece. The rubescent border, with its brilliantly executed scenic pattern, accented by persimmon bands in juxtaposition to the glowing ivory field, happily offers heavier pile condition.

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