(High-Decorative) Antique Kurdish rugs are well-loved for their ability to embody the most vigorous, unaffected aesthetic energy of tribal weavers, while doing so with an inspired handling of natural color and a whimsical panoply of ancestral geometric elements. Age-old folkloric motifs including talismans (representing charms against the ‘evil eye’), ‘Wheels of Life’ and even an animal and human form in the upper right corner of the undyed camelhair field are rendered as an homage to the weaver's deep cultural tradition. Sensuous, masterfully juxtaposed naturally dyed colors of rich carnelian, deep aquamarine, saffron gold, tangerine and azure blue take a central role, both emotionally and within the design. Note the many exuberant inconsistencies of the rug’s design, especially the extra partial horizontal border that is seen only at the top of the field. In wonderful, even medium pile condition at some 120 years of age. (INQUIRE ABOUT THIS RUG AT CLAREMONT 2, 1-800-883-1815).

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