(High-Decorative) This heavily piled Ferahan Sarouk rug offers a novel and artistic pattern based around the enclosed circular bouquets which define the corner spandrels and ring the central medallion. As always with this perennially beloved rug type, the shape of the medallion is highly individualistic, and this darling piece offers a centerpiece that is joyfully infused with elements from both the floral and geometric traditions. Its diverse range of aged naturally dyed colors include rare and scintillating sky to azure blues juxtaposed with rich shades of ruby in the reserve, all punctuated by moss greens, burgundy and gold. A dexterous use of intentional color striations throughout the piece, not only illustrate the aesthetic skill of the weaver, but add a palpable sense of movement and depth to the overall composition. (INQUIRE ABOUT THIS RUG AT CLAREMONT 2, 1-800-883-1815)