(Connoisseur-Caliber) A wondrous work of art doubling as a room-size carpet, this Tabriz conceived by the virtuoso designer Hadji Jallili is the epitome of elegance through its visual, chromatic, and tactile qualities. Woven by masters of their craft, its delicately rendered architectural medallion offers the illusion of multiple layering that projects an almost three-dimensional effect. Its most distinguishing feature resembles a fibrous root system drawing upon the nutrients of an otherwise unadorned, gently striated copper-hued reserve. This sinuous foundation sustains the plethora of high-contrast floral motifs in the sculpted centerpiece and stepped spandrels. Unusual curling pods sit between visceral palmettes and star-studded cypress trees on the border. The widely diverse and changing array of glowing gold tonalities is absolutely remarkable. Fantastic heavier pile condition over 1-1/2 centuries-old adds tremendously to its undeniable allure.

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