(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") In an over-square size never seen from Heriz looms, this is certainly a commissioned carpet that offers excellent dimensions for todays homes as well as a shimmering, softly saturated persimmon ground. Stylized rosettes, irises, dahlias, and much more float between serrated fronds and amid the expansive, vine-formed diamond latticework that imperceptibly orders the presentation. This small room-size carpets sunny visage is deftly balanced by the close spectrum of blues and greens that appear throughout the rug, revealing many subtle shades of these two colors. Enclosing the spaciously designed field, a denser, sapphire blue main border hosts an interlocking cartouche meander, flanked by golden wheat-toned accent framing and a final coppery undecorated edging. Happily, this casually elegant piece remains in extremely good pile condition.