(High-Decorative) Enthusiasts of Persian Town rugs know to look out for top-quality antique Mahajiran Sarouks, such as this elegant piece woven with one of the finest grades of wool employed during the turn-of-the-20th-century period. This superb example shows arching, blossom-laden boughs and a fanciful array of lush botanical forms sweep across the field. Its subtle striations add immense texture to the tiger-toned ground and amplify the shimmering shades of azure and cobalt blue, allowing them to leap off the glistening, lanolin-rich surface. In a departure from the more conventional indigo blue main border, this innovative piece instead uses a radiant amber hue. Square dimensions are extremely infrequent in antique Persian rugs, so this piece is destined to find that hard-to-fill space in a lucky owners gracious home. Happily, this incredibly enriching rug also has come to us in nearly pristine condition.

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