(High-Decorative) With its masterful composition of abundantly spaced overscale motifs and astonishing, highly original coloration, this stellar piece represents the height of the high-decorative format. Abundant innovation is revealed in the free-flowing nature of its all-over design, dramatically enhanced through a surprising range of naturally dyed hues, including melon, leaf green, saffron and an extraordinarily incandescent celadon green that fills the ample border frame. Excellent condition for its significant age further enhances its considerable appeal.
The most inspired high-decorative pieces from Claremont's collection stand a world apart from modern or machine produced carpets, which understandably seek to imitate aspects of these handcrafted 19th century originals. In nuance of color, quality of construction and creativity of design, the vast differences art rugs offer are always instantly apparent and easy to recognize.

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