(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") Superb craftsmanship, luscious contemplative design elements and a warm, inviting color palette imbues this silky lamb's wool Manchester Kashan rug with tremendous magnetism. It seamlessly combines admirably drawn fluid vase and flower designs with botanical motifs of unusual delicacy, creating an exquisitely nuanced, naturalistic atmosphere. Gracious flowered boughs erupting from the slender upper and lower vases vertically flank a four-pointed blossom-formed centerpiece. More floral sprays and bouquets, with undulating feathery garlands of gold and sea green in the border, add a lyrical harmony to the entire piece. The august color palette of ginger, bronze and cobalt, often highlighted by bright sky blue and the striated copper field shimmer from this small area sizes luxurious, high-quality lambs wool. Tiny improvisations in the field induce a subtle asymmetry, an artistic human touch often missing from our digital world.