(High-Decorative) Antique carpets in the highly regarded Manchester Kashan style exude an air of quiet refinement and warmth, thanks to their highly sophisticated patterns, restrained naturally dyed color palette, and deeply luminous lamb's wool surface. An evocative coral field provides the canvas for a seamless combination of mid-scale peonies, daisies and palmettes with fluid, unusually delicate budding and blossoming vinery. This creates an exquisitely nuanced naturalistic atmosphere that imbues the piece with tremendous magnetism. Its glistening color palette of gold, deep cobalt, bronze, carnelian and royal blue further impart a resonant glow from this rugs exceptionally high-grade lanolin-rich lamb's wool. Completing the allure of this Continentally inspired, over century-long carpet is a bustling multitude of expressive flora in the border on a resoundingly deep shade of sapphire.