(High-Decorative) Antique Qashqais are the most revered of all antique Southwest Persian tribal rugs for their extraordinary craftsmanship and complex ancestral patterns. This is a magical, highly authentic example of this genre depicting the classic Qashqai ‘four-armed device’ as the primary figures in the three medallions. This enigmatic motif is thought to depict the wrought iron stove the Qashqai nomads use to hold a cooking pot over a fire, therefore making it their symbol of “the home and hearth." Surrounding these majestic medallions is a fantastic array of flowers and an entire flock of birds, each one delightfully abstracted on an inviting carnelian red ground. In extremely good condition with exceptionally silky wool, this delightful tribal rug would enhance your home for a generation or more. (INQUIRE ABOUT THIS RUG AT CLAREMONT 2, 1-800-883-1815)

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