(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") The sheer visual impact of this stately Serapi exemplifies the powerful artistry of this unique weaving tradition. At the center of this skillfully imagined 19th-century carpet is a stunningly symmetrical, large-scale, geometric eight-pointed flower head medallion. The anchor pendants fastened at the top and bottom are connected to the rectilinear vine work adorning the multifaceted hexagonal field, flush with an inconspicuous abrash (artistic color striation) lost on the casual observer. Buoyant azure blues, sea greens, and striated carnelian colors, the result of skillfully brewed dyes using indigo and madder, fill the field. The highlighting effect of various well-juxtaposed hues supports a panoply of utterly charming, classically drawn elemental leaves and flower heads. Spontaneous flashes of asymmetry abound, a trait said to breathe life into the rug traditionally. The fluid beauty of sculpted flower and vine work continues in the successive corner spandrels. Clearly articulated, grand escutcheon palmettes and floral patterns fill out the surrounding indigo border, echoing the hues found in the central canvas and providing a harmonious glow. This stately village carpet remains in heavier pile condition and would stunningly anchor any number of decorative styles in the home.

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