(High-Decorative) From our extensive inventory of antique Persian carpets in very large sizes comes this breathtaking palace-size Sultanabad in heavy-pile condition. Its melodic allover design and shimmering range of rich natural-dyed tonalities offer a splendid patterning for supporting a grandly furnished area. Expressing a casual grandeur that is hard-to-find by providing the perfect scale and ambiance for a large space, a rhythmically undulating lattice of feathery curling fronds form interlocking rounded windows to more stylized floral elaboration. A mesmerizing border suite adds interest through carefully measured descending scales of detail. Chromatically, the array of magically harmonious tones, including lustrous coral, cerulean, sage, apricot and whispers of paled rose shimmer against the gently abrashed midnight ground. This antique Sultanabad carpets sense of texture and visual interest are augmented by its very good condition.

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