(High-Decorative) This fanciful, inventive area-size piece, woven on the slopes of 15,700 feet tall Mt. Sabalan in Northwest Persia, is guaranteed to capture the attention of the astute viewer with its unusual-for-this-type adoption of the fabled Herati pattern, blanketing the reserve and aged ivory cornerpieces. Among a fantastical arrangement of glittering colors, bold hues of deep scarlet and inky midnight are contrasted with electrum, coral, and sparingly employed, precious jade greens resulting in explosive artistic energy that amplifies this vivacious rug's small, seldom-found size. Shades of blue from azure to the faintest whips of a clouded sky act as an overall harmonious visual glue and meanders like a sinuous watercourse in the border, punctuated by rosettes and fan-like flowers. Incorporating many of the best attributes of the casual Heriz weaving style, this vividly innovative feast for the eyes has maintained extremely good pile.

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