(High-Decorative) Herizs beloved stylized floral pattern language and ebullient color palette converge to bestow upon this small room size carpet tremendous cheer. Naturally-dyed vermillion charges it with exuberant energy, creating a vibrant background upon which buttercup yellow, turquoise, morning glory, fern green, and pomegranate revel, filling the organic contours of each oversized blossom and leaf in the field. Evidencing the long-held art of tempering visual ecstasy, this carpet is ordered, balanced, contained by a unique rhythmic template. The rows of conjoined palmettes alternating with snowflake-shaped flowerheads are magically defused by adept scaling of the pageantry. On a deep midnight indigo base, the densely populated rosette and oak leaf border offers a charming contrast to the spacious adorned field. At 110 years old, this ingenious rug remains in very good condition.

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