(High-Decorative) Bijars were initially woven for Kurdish khans to use in official functions and are known colloquially in the trade as the "Iron Rugs of Persia." This piece's "Halvai" designation indicates that it is particularly finely knotted and sharply detailed, lending it an elevated level of beauty and splendor as well as brawn. Its bright ivory stepped-diamond center medallion was likely inspired by a ceramic tile pattern of the many government buildings in Bijar. Four luminous cerulean portals contain hand-drawn palmettes that float amid a profusion of shapely foliage growing from wire-thin unbending stems. Rosy cloudband motifs trace a seamless path through the shimmering corner spandrels, intertwining through a jubilant assortment of vivacious floral elements. In full-pile condition, this carpet could endure even heavy foot traffic in various applications around a busy home or office space.

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