(High-Decorative) This extraordinarily finely woven antique Senneh in fabulous condition is a consummate quality representative of the classical Herati format. Its chiseled design and consummate level of pinpoint knotting epitomize the very finest 19th-century craftsmanship. At the same time, its extremely good condition at 120 years old attests to both its excellent quality and the great respect given by its previous owners. Within an expansive reserve, a highly engaging allover Herati pattern of fronds, flowerheads, and understated diagonal lattices is rendered with incredible nuance and animation (or "fish design," where each curling frond resembles them swimming from overhead). Each botanical element is drawn with intricacy and pinpoint precision, illumined by ivory and subtle sky blue outlines. The radiance of its resonant natural hues is amplified by its luminous wool quality and the precise rendering of every motif.

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