(Connoisseur-Caliber) ("New Arrivals Gallery") The striking, original design for this large room-size geometric rug from the inimitable Bakshaish tradition is possessed with an incessant magical spirit. No inch of this 145-year-old Persian village piece fails to be engaging. Whether we focus on its forest of tiny boteh trees in the spandrels, the elegantly elongated medallion floating on expertly dyed soft copper striations in the field, or the exuberant rendition of its Sun-and-Lightning-Bolt-Leaf main border patternthere is endless character to enjoy. Color combinations constantly change in the corner pieces, while a generous display of Bakshaish Blue in the medallion and border adds profound depth. Note the multi-colored Mountain symbol at the very edge. Overall, this immersive carpet exudes a relaxed, upbeat ambiance. At around 160 years old, it still beckons to be in the center of activity.

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