(Connoisseur-Caliber) This daringly innovative Ferahan carpet presents the magic of this traditions masterful, entirely varied use of the allover design. It brings to mind a glorious stained glass effect with every individual botanical element chiseled like cut glass. Beguilingly, this becomes an aqueous and kaleidoscopic composition when viewed as a whole. As the pattern visually undergoes a process of compression and expansion, the viewer can marvel at the time required for two artist-weavers to perform the creative act and the imagination required to accomplish such an aesthetic feat. Its makers carefully rendered its glorious colors for great depth and harmony with the entire palette: lemon, citrine, and mustard, jasper and ochre reds, fern and asparagus green, with powder, cerulean, and slate blues all commingling, inviting the viewer to become transfixed with admiration and fascination. Its condition remains superb after some 1- centuries.

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