(High-Decorative) This exuberant carpet reflects a short window of "modernist" creativity that occurred within the Heriz tradition around the turn of the 20th century before the so-called commercial period was fully up and running. Rugs from Ahar are known for beautiful organic geometry with less angular patterns. This rug's medallion shines like a cathedral's rose window in a sun-bursting layered petal configuration. Sparkling azure flame palmette pendants extend from the glorious focal point, orchestrating an encyclopedic profusion of celebratory flowers and foliage in a luxe symphony of expertly dyed and applied hues. The sunset coral spandrels are connected by narrow floret-adorned zones creating a unique panel that frames the reserve. Happily, this versatile small room size has retained superb heavier pile made from hardwearing mountain sheep's wool.

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