(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") This premier High-Decorative 19th-century Sultanabad offers a compelling whimsical pattern combined with exotically harmonious and serene color. Curling vinery clutch at daisy rosettes while arrayed in ordinal directions from a central carnelian-hued medallion. Along the centerline, pendants formed of cartouches containing clusters of flowers stretch to the ends of the field. We are also met with a range of fascinating original motifs that, if derived from extant traditional examples, are unique revisions. Whoever conceived of the overall composition had a deft imagination that filled the spacious field with unusual botanical structures that may represent stylized grapes and pomegranates among the starflowers and feathery fronds. Overall, the stylized pattern gently animates the balance and harmony of its parts. Many interior design professionals favor Sultanabads as their palettes are often unique and, magically, somehow always cohesive with the current trend. Extremely good condition with even, medium pile allows the design clarity to shine through in this carpet, adaptable to umpteen room applications around the home.

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