(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") Using incredibly silky wool imported from Manchester, England and financed by the German Ziegler Company, this a famed, innovative style that fostered a syncretic, more sophisticated artistic expression than traditional Sultanabad Persian carpets. This carpet's highly accomplished composition of abundant blossoms and blooms in a festooned latticework relays the well-conceived impression of a vast meadow bursting with harmonious springtime verdure. Superbly articulated, expert craftsmanship is revealed in the ordered diversity of evocative small-scale botanical species represented in its all-over design. Vivid Cerulean, garnet, leaf green, saffron, rouge, and lilac dramatically enhance this Town rug's splendid visage. A series of border frames glow like cathedral windows with trophy-urn palmettes in the primary band braided together with dextrous vinery that courses from rosette to curling leaf. Fabulous heavy pile has retained the sumptuous tactile qualities of top-tier wool after more than a century.

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