(Connoisseur-Caliber) ("New Arrivals Gallery") Emanating a tremendous charm from its seldom-found 3x5 size, this Caucasian Kuba captivates the viewer by revealing how the hand of a mature artist visually articulates the vitality of a youthful naivety through this inspired composition. Hovering cyclopean flowerheads descend the narrow field, reduced to their most fundamental geometry. Along the vertical edges, multi-limbed esoteric shapes that could represent one-half of miniature Trees of Life are urged toward the center by serrations jutting from the inner perimeter. Every robust, time-mellowed color was painstakingly prepared with organic ingredients gathered locally or acquired through trade. A wonderfully graphic geometrical chalice and oak leaf primary border pattern bolsters an alluring modernity. A cheerful design of oblique bars occupies the minor bands, echoing the shapes in the field. This piece is a masterful example of endlessly fascinating Caucasian tribal folk art, at once mysterious and playful, that can be comfortably used virtually anywhere in the home. It would also hold its own on display as mesmerizing wall art that invites the eye time and time again.

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