(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") A painterly use of robust naturally dyed color and a dexterously executed graphic design elevate this charming antique Heriz, ideal for any smaller room-size space where an authentic antique art rug would provide the perfect touch. Extremely well-articulated, a vibrant triple flower medallion is fringed with an ultra-stylized cloudband motif surrounding the outer petals, each holding a glorious technicolor palmette. Trophy-shaped pendants and split corner spandrels in scintillating cerulean are the starting point for a captivating assemblage of highly expressive botanical imagery and village style. Splendidly bold hues such as burnished gold, firebrick red, jadeite, olive, azure, and arctic blue are juxtaposed with a vibrant coral ground, speaking of a weaver proficient in seamless color combining. A gentle shifting of these hues throughout the rug are intentional variations that enhance its timeless appeal. The border is a sparkler with exuberant rosettes and sizzling angular leaf motifs. Benefitting from Azerbaijans renowned mountain oily wool, its semi-rustic origins have charmed our clients for decades. This antique carpets well-integrated yet commanding design and fabulous condition make it a memorable centerpiece for various spaces.

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