(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") The highly creative weavers of Heriz were renowned for their unification of formal city patterns with the more robust tribal color palette and a rustic, geometric style of drawing. This Persian carpet classic is no exception. The architectonic kaleidoscope medallion is framed by eye-catching cornerpieces adorned with wonderfully stylized floral motifs. Its cheerful color palette includes a delectable, rich carnelian reserve, bejeweled with burnished golds, electric blue, peach tones, coral, and ivory highlights to magnificent harmonious effect by weavers who were exceedingly skilled in color combination, deftly juxtaposing navy and sky blues along with numerous accents of deep sea green. This beautiful over-century-old Heriz is a veritable tour de force of color, style, and phenomenal heavy pile condition. This carpet would be totally appropriate for either modern contemporary or more traditional settings.

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