(High-Decorative) For centuries, the dense, all-over Herati pattern has been revered for its classical formality, combined with a complex, yet ordered array of flowers arranged with a hint of geometry. This venerable 120-year-old antique Persian Bijar (Bidjar) carpet, a style known as "The Iron Rug of Persia", presents a superb example of the Herati pattern, articulated with pinpoint detail work and a mesmerizing array of time-softened naturally dyed hues. These include a unique soft mocha brown as the base tone of its main border and as a supporting tone throughout the field. Its astonishing level of detail is the result of exceedingly tight knotting and the unusual dexterous hand of its weavers. This 9-1/2 x 15 antique carpet is exceedingly well preserved with good pile and only minor wear for future generations to enjoy.