(High-Decorative) Paired with extremely harmonious soft earth tones, the evocative patina of great age gives this late 19th-century Hadji Jallili Tabriz a singular aesthetic character that would provide the inimitable focal point of a smaller genteel space. Though the weaver accomplishes the classic court carpet symmetry with aplomb, the impressionistic nuance reveals itself in the piece's slight individual flourishes. Note how the curving niches along the horizontal axis are distinctly offset as if to infuse the composition with the notes of dissonance, surprise and casual balance so often found in nature. Glorious coppery sunset tones grace the center reserve, adeptly shifting in hue from top to bottom lending a sense of dimensionality. Within the antique parchment medallion, this same color is used to outline graceful foliage glazed with the most delicate shade of celadon.