(High-Decorative) (New Acquisition Sampling") Ferahan rugs are renowned for painstaking intricacy and this examples rendition of a centuries old allover pattern known as the shrub design is mesmerizing. In lieu of the medallion format most often seen in this antique Persian town carpet style, a tapestry of astonishing nuance, alternating ivory pointed blossom clusters and diminutive flowerheads in circles, hide a hidden latticework that invests the studded field with a rhythmic order. The amount of detail draws the viewer deeper and deeper into its amazing craftsmanship, rewarding the attentive with an astonishing spectacle of kaleidoscopic color. On a soft persimmon field, petals in carnation and rose, turquoise and cobalt forming the lattice), jade and mint, straw and tan commingle. Six borders hold a beauifully drawn main border of the pattern called Shah Abbas, indicating a meander of palmettes created during the Safavid era of rug weaving.