(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") This antique area size tribal rug woven in the high reaches of the rugged Caucasus Mountains offers a playful character and traditional jewel tones, that can combine winningly with other old antique carpets or enliven a lonely niche all by itself! So many antique carpet connoisseurs are drawn to the inventive use of color combining and whimsical, yet profound patterns of the 85 subgroups of Caucasian tribal rugs This singular over 125-year-old piece in exceptional condition offers hues of madder red, saffron, indigo and apple green that combine in seemingly endless and delightful ways. The diminutive paisley-like pods (called boteh) filling the field, each inlaid with a surprising variety of hues, harmonize beautifully with the vigorous Wheel of Life medallions of the main border.

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