(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") Archetypal "Star of Wisdom" motifs populate the latticework ground in this antique Persian Kurdish tribal rug as well as the main border, bringing an overall sense of unity of the composition. Shades of prized saffron yellow abound in this unique piece. The nomadic weaver of this over 4 x 7 rug demonstrated great ingenuity with each row of her stars, having a unique color combination and creating a simple, unaffected variation on a very traditional design theme. Look carefully in the vertical main border, where skillfully placed multi-colored flowering forms have been placed between some of the star designs. Demonstrating a quintessential folk art aesthetic, this spirited piece has a naturally-dyed palette of golden saffron, ruby, shades of walnut with punctuations of indigo and a scintillating sapphire blue. This inventive rug is in extremely good condition over 125 years of age.

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