(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") Heriz carpets are the offspring of the 19th-century Serapi tradition. At the turn of the century, some inspiring examples were woven and have long been a staple for our clients family spaces for their upbeat artistry. The best examples, such as this piece, offer inspired artistry and a casual ambiance that works exceptionally well in various settings. Exuberant yet time-softened colors within this carpet jade green, hues of cornflower blue, coral, platinum, maize, and resonant carnelian fill a panoply of multi-faceted stylized foliage. Known as the Harshang pattern, multi-directional overscale blossoms, split palmettes, and banner-like rosettes each have a fascinating individual character. The electrifying oak leaf and rosette border, a favored motif in Northwest Persian village carpets, is particularly painterly in its execution, with an abrash color-shifting technique rendered with the utmost skill. Benefitting from Azerbaijans renowned lanolin-rich mountain wool, its semi-rustic origins have charmed our clients for decades. This over 120-year-old carpets well-integrated visual paradigm and fabulous condition would make it a memorable centerpiece for a great variety of rooms.

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