(High-Decorative) This winsome turn-of-the-20th-century rug from the beloved Shirvan tradition is an inspired, light-hearted example of an early heraldic design referred to as Gubpa which featured serrated crimson palmettes at each end of the field. Here in the same location, one is reminded of charming umbrellas decorated with flowers. The color palette is as celebrative as its motifs, presented upon a rich blue field that itself is an abrashed rainbow of royal, cerulean, and azure tones. Each of the three diamond medallions features a similar design, yet through deft use color becomes beguilingly individual. A repeating serrated ashik design in the main border holds a stunning display of spontaneous color combiningan extraordinary Caucasian technique. This high-spirited antique tribal rug happily remains in exceedingly good condition for use anywhere in the home.