(High-Decorative) This 130- year-old town carpet from Sultanabad is distinguished by a quite unique secondary palette of colors and a palpable atmosphere of tranquility. A casual symmetry balances its stylized floral display capturing a sense of movement like a slow river, its overscale floating blossoms swaying naturally. Around a polychrome central blossom made up of unusual gold, silver, platinum, and spruce tonalities, evocative overscale gold and platinum-toned palmettes, mocha-toned peonies and silvery tendrils circle on a deftly textured, crimson ground. A sumptuous array of hues include hard to render metallic looking tonalities as well as sophisticated shades of peach, sea green and a sparkling lapis blue most prominent in the main border, all enlivened by strokes of intentional abrash. Happily, this room size piece offers an original, imaginative overall pattern and wonderful medium pile suitable for many applications in the home