(High-Decorative) A wonderful casual ambiance emanates from this wholly charming Hamadan village carpet. Filled with graphic energy, it borrows its spaciously overscale floral medley from the neighboring Sultanabad tradition, navely rendered in this seldom-found small room size format. Conveying an abundant garden in bloom, the harmoniously proportioned use of space is simultaneously capturing a sense of expansiveness where the blossoms are truncated on all sides, as if the pattern stretches into infinity. The glowing rust-toned ground presents beautiful striation of tonalities from deeply saturated notes of cinnabar to persimmon while scintillating shades of blue shift from sky to a richly-hued, glowing azure as the eye moves down from the top. Intriguing, spontaneous abrash streaks near the bottom reveal deep walnut brown borders and darkly outlined floral forms are visually amplified.