(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") This quite early, inventively hued piece from the Kuba region with its unique dirty blonde field features a meditative 'Mille fleur pattern meant to evoke a meadow filled with wildflowers in bloom. The color placements of carnelian paled rose, navy, vivid azure, and precious sea green were purposeful yet have the appearance of being randomized, making this depiction of nature all the more real. Intriguingly, amongst the sprinklings of tiny diamonds and checkered clusters in the field, a single triangular amulet points inward and acts as a magical device purposefully woven into this piece. Its border suite is a classic combination, however, the abstract flowerheads are unusually divided by barber pole registers and gleaming jewels. Caucasian rugs from the pre-commercial period are treasure maps left to us by artisans who lived in harmony with and whose art was informed by the natural world, and this is a sterling example.

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