(High-Decorative) One of Persias oldest cities, Meshed's geographic isolation preserved its regal style, keeping it relatively unaffected by domestic and foreign artistic trends. Emanating from ornate plumed vases, a fanciful array of flowery garlands, blooming boughs, and blossoms fill the field with a well-spaced diversity that invites closer viewing. A sharp eye will discover numerous fantastical cypress tucked within the exquisitely drawn flora. Naturally dyed hues of electrum, mulberry, sapphire, daffodil, and royal lilac are given full opportunity to shine across the luxuriant Byzantium purple field, derived from their age-old dye recipe that adds small amounts of indigo to the madder red dye bath. Each hue gleams like gems among the distinctive array of botanical grandeur. When combined with generous dimensions and heavy-pile condition, the results are this magnificent carpet capable of totally vitalizing a dignified interior.