(High-Decorative) Remarkable for its incredible fineness of weave and shimmering all-over Herati design, this Ferahan is like a window allowing a privileged glimpse into a secret garden. Tucked between the diamond lattice and stylized foliage in the field and serrated spandrels are numerous alert fan-tailed birds that likely represent legendary benevolent creatures known as 'Simurgh' in Persian mythology. They are said to occasionally come to the aid of humankind, and here they are infused into the weave as magical wards. The wonderfully earthy palette offers exquisitely soft coppery tones, glowing ochre, hunter green, and a diverse array of surprise sapphire blues. Color shifts ripple gently across the composition to create an added dimension of beauty. Differing outline strategies in the border cause the pattern to advance and recede from ethereal to tangible. Its condition remains extremely robust after 120 years.

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