(High-Decorative) Widely sought after by connoisseurs, area-size rugs from the remote village of Bakshaish, especially those with prized undyed camelhair fields which are increasingly rare. The elemental artistry elevates the innate natural beauty of its spacious camelhair reserve, while welcome elements of folk naivete permeate this work and demonstrate a childlike spontaneity of expression that makes for an overtly charming piece. Studded with geometric sprigs, an enchanting centerpiece with its diamond medallion supported by stalk-like pendants anchors the composition. Detached blossoms appear to whirl in synchronized quartets adding to the whimsical and emotional impact of the assembled motifs. Tranquil hues of bright coral, rose, mahogany and breathtaking azure blue still shine with a luster undiminished over time due to the painstaking process of naturally procured dyestuff now a lost art. Its superb condition allows for years of delight.