(High-Decorative) A classic example, this enthusiastic Sarouk region rug woven in the town of Josan is a joy to behold, straddling the line between Village and Town weaving styles. The cream-hued medallion and pendant structure feature an "exploded" flower motif, with each petal containing elemental palmettes and trimmed by a fiery fringe. Warm and inviting, the rich color tones include rose, saffron, gold, and an exquisite glowing shade of red sandstone. The wonderfully geometricized flower and vine motif meanders through an intense midnight blue reserve. Each bloom leaves behind a delightful filigree trail. The primary band shows the characteristic 'fringed' vinery diagnostic of Josans, coordinated with the evocative ivory guard borders. After five score and ten years, this high-spirited rug comes to us in excellent pile condition.