(High-Decorative) This versatile-sized Kuba features an innovative pattern of Art Deco rosettes and ultra abstract blossoms on a rich brick red ground. The rhythmic dynamic of the composition is much enlivened by the masterful contrasts between light and dark hues of goldenrod, jadeite, and deep royal blue. Three keen-looking road runners enigmatically appear along the centerline, ready for action at a moments notice. The S glyphs that connect the loosely drawn, hexagonal filigree lattice are remainders of sacred Zoroastrian symbolism associated with the heavens. The graphic borders contain the ancient ashik flowerhead device that has appeared in pottery and Oriental rugs since time immemorial. Despite its great age, its very good pile condition and timeless characteristics retain freshness and vibrancy. This strongly collectible tribal gem has an undiminished allure certain to attract the attention of perceptive viewers.

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