(Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") Seldom found in this palette and exquisitely composed with a spaciousness of pattern, this deep blue-based Mahajiran Sarouk is immediately inviting and crafted from the finest quality raw materials. This Persian town rug has a shimmering deep midnight-sapphire blue field, with ripplings of intentional color shifts that create a sense of visual depth and dramatic effect when juxtaposed with the rich mahogany main border. Sophisticated hues of garnet, paled turquoise, and guava harmonizes with olive and jungle green dance in a delightful display. Elegant botanical drawings provide lovely decorative nuance with a fanciful array of delicate floral forms meandering across the spacious field in a majestic symmetry. Adding to this rug's appeal is heavy pile with an irresistibly lustrous, lanolin-rich wool that intensifies the luminosity of this piece, imbuing it with a warm overall glow.