(High-Decorative) An exceptionally unique, 120-year-old folkloric carpet expertly crafted in the beloved rug-making center of Heriz captures the profound harmony and chromatic splendor of the best pieces from this cherished style. On an elucidated carnelian base, its exuberant medallion is bejeweled by a "courtyard fountain" centerpiece, with attendant palmettes and flexy leaves drawing the viewer into the dazzling display. Boldly golden buds charm in the corner spandrels while multi-faceted foliage fills the interior reserve. Finessed handling of the dye work achieved the magically-hued palette, ranging from azure and jungle greens to soft strawberry and coral reds to celadon greens and cornsilk. The fittingly narrow main border of sizzling leaves and rosettes enhances the drama of this compellingly artful carpet. Benefitting from Azerbaijan's renowned mountain-oily wool, the semi-rustic origins of Heriz rugs have charmed our clients for decades. This antique carpet's well-integrated yet commanding design and fabulous, heavy-pile condition make it a memorable centerpiece for a great variety of rooms.

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