(High-Decorative) The upbeat Harshang blossom pattern of this whimsical yet orderly Mahal is brimming with evocative, abstract floral motifs that signify the abundance of a garden in bloom. Demonstrating its depth of artistry, its lush allover design is replete with slight personal variations in each form. Enhanced by its stunning firebrick red ground, the expansive, well-proportioned allover pattern is composed of a fluid assortment of stylized medallions and blossoms, each subtly balanced with a casual symmetry that creates a sense of movement and depth. The rug is illuminated by an incredibly vast color range that dazzles the seasoned eye with its kaleidoscopic hues in dramatic contrasts of secondary tones that are deftly chosen for their harmonious role in the overall design. This wonderfully casual village carpet retains good pile condition and would effectively harmonize either a traditional, modern or contemporary decor.

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