(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") This 120-year-old Sultanabad exudes serenity by offering a delightfully contoured drawing style of overscale classical palmettes, fronds, and flowerheads infused by masterfully juxtaposed color palette. The pattern is unusually well-spaced in a very artful fashion. Another part of the allure of this over-century-old piece is in the vast range of scale explored in flowers of so many sizes both within the field and borders. Welcome variations in the exactitude of forms that mirror one another in this pattern appeal to the subliminal mind so that each appears as if moved by a gentle breeze. An inviting array of warm tones includes sunset reds, jade greens, brilliant blues, and softened saffron yellows. The sandstone backdrop and luxe botanical elements feature slightly differing tonal values due to the subtle and deliberate use of abrash, infusing the pattern with light and shade. Notice how the darkest striations in the lower half of the field add immensely to the depth and visual interest, as the artist wanted to create a textile that would never bore the onlooker. This distinctive antique Sultanabad carpet comes to us in very good condition with even, medium pile throughout.

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