(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") A finely woven garden of idealized flowers adorns this elegant formal rug from the lesser-known Giassabad Sarouk style. Its deeply harmonious, interconnecting arrangement of bouquets insulates the major compositional elements: a unique elongated medallion with arrowhead pendants and lyrically contoured cornerpieces. An enchanting deep indigo reserve around the medallion is rippled with ultra-fine shimmering striations, reminiscent of a flower-filled garden pool worthy of a sultan, visually inducing a soothing, tranquil feeling. The weaving artist who created this piece reveals their close study of nature, infusing every delicate, painstakingly rendered botanical detail with evocative naturalistic hues from luminous cerulean to vermilion, pale rose, apricot, and ivory. Each blossom is interwoven among shimmering gold and platinum vinery. With its luxuriant, plush full pile crafted with extremely lanolin-rich wool, this delightful and tremendously versatile some 120-year-old piece seems to glow from within.

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