(High-Decorative) ("New Arrivals Gallery") Belonging to one of the most sumptuous Persian rug groups, this finely crafted Manchester Kashan features extremely tight knotting, a silken texture, and soft glowing hues coming from the use of the finest lamb's wool. Its stunning, stylized floral pattern has a contoured appearance like the captivating echoes of a distant, long-past supernova. Chiseled constellations of flowers arc and swirl in an elegant aesthetic dance that sees robust blossom clusters arise from wire-thin tendrils. Tiny improvisations induce a subtle asymmetry, an artistic human touch often missing from our digital world. Its delectable palette of color is filled with light and shade, from its glimmering sapphire background to jade and pistachio greens, teal, chestnut, blazing scarlet, brass hues, and the exquisite rosy sandstone that adorns the majority of the main border. Within this band is a series of crystalline blossoms of a style quite unlike those found in the field. A lush, heavy pile imbues the entire surface with a heartening glow.

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