Antique Persian Bakshaish Rug | 7′ 0″ x 8′ 5″, late 19th century




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This utterly delightful, supremely creative rug fulfills its tradition’s tribal aesthetic in spades. Even its 7 x 8-1/2 size is virtually never before seen. As a lover of folkloric objects and an impassioned collector of rare Bakshaish rugs, this piece astonishes me in its ingenious singular design and patiently dexterous handwork. Its–for a Bakshaish–remarkably detailed all-over pattern blankets its field, which is a subtle interplay of ivory sheep’s wool and camel hair. A mesmerizing latticework is formed by a seemingly endless repeat of a completely original cruciform motif. A visual dance ensues, created through the seemingly random colors from its effervescent palette that its weavers dexterously employed. The main border that frames this mosaic-like pattern is based in deepest sapphire that is dramatically abrashed at its upper end. The ultimate effect is one of tremendous exuberance that deftly masks the great dexterity and vision that produced it. Its outstanding condition is yet another strong suit, especially considering it was woven for use by its tribal owners as an artful, utilitarian floorcovering.

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