Antique Persian Ferahan Sarouk | 6ft 8in by 9ft 10in, circa 1850




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This precious, quite early rug from the couple’s magnificent sub-collection of Ferahan Sarouks demonstrates the quintessential level of artistry that this weaving group occasionally achieved. I am absolutely smitten with its dexterity and sense of aesthetic presence, as it combines grandeur and the most painstaking, endearing detail.

The center medallion has an exquisite contour that is highlighted by the fact that it is based in ivory, rather than the much more commonly used navy blue. Further increasing the rug’s deeply lyrical quality is the floral array that fills the medallion, which uses a fascinating sense of rhythmic compression and expansion to do so. The sheer variety of what seems like a random display of myriad small blossoms in the field is delightfully staggering!

The border showcases multiple, subtle shifts of a shimmering midnight indigo. This level of control in using indigo is rarely seen, as this dyestuff is an irritant to the wool. Thus, to create the deepest shades, accurate timing must be used to pull out the yarn before it disintegrates. Happily, this exquisite 170-year-old carpet is very well preserved with medium pile, making it as practical as it is sublime.