Antique Persian Ferahan Sarouk | 4′ 6″ x 6′ 9″, circa 1875




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This dazzling 140-year-old rug is quintessentially Ferahan Sarouk. It is a veritable symphony of light. The inky indigo and clarion blush hues provide a thrilling duet between its deeply sonorous base and intoxicating soprano notes. Yet these players are the chorus, which supports the expansive sapphire blue medallion that adds an iridescent third dimension. The rug is extraordinarily tightly knotted and astonishingly detailed. The myriad perky buds and blossoms throughout evoke the natural grandeur of a field replete with wildflowers. The border design is especially glorious, with its parade of warm colors and large scale, individually nuanced palmettes. Its extremely soft wool pile is amazingly lustrous. When the light hits it, each expertly crafted, beautiful shade shimmers. This is one of the grand achievements of a connoisseur-caliber, 19th century rug such as this. Its depth of color and sheer number of tonalities is far more spectacular than the colors in a fine painting, because the wool may have sat in a dye bath for over one month, promoting the dyestuff to soak far deeper into its fiber than paint on canvas.

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