Antique Persian Motasham Kashan | 4ft 5in by 7ft, 3rd quarter, 19th century




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A distinctive, earlier Motasham Kashan is always an exciting find because of the great rarity of this style. One of the many highlights of this 150-year-old example is its ethereal ambiance that is in great part the product of the deep patina that illuminates its surface. I’m enamored by its harmonious, painterly palette and exotic hues that include a range of extremely difficult-to-dye greens, soft salmons, teals and powder blues.

The time-seasoned quality of the rug’s tones remind me of watercolor paintings, lending it a quiet splendor. Note the flourish of the aqua-green star shape in its inner medallion with a constant, subtle striation that punctuates the rug’s axis point. Its weaver furthered this sense of dimensionality by deeply outlining some of the designs are and giving only a very pale outline to others, inducing them to recede into the background.

The small cypress tree forms in the upper and lower borders that change to a pinecone shape in the vertical border is another unique feature drawn with particular delicacy. I believe that every collection should include the splendor of at least one Motasham Kashan and this rug features all of the strong suits of this prized style.